We pride ourselves on being a full-service provider for everything you could need for your event.

Name Description
Livestreaming Providing full management of livestreams, management of scheduling, bespoke broadcast graphics, pre and post production services for pre-recorded content.
Event Production Bespoke event logistics and event management support, to help you bring your event from concept to execution.
Video Production Providing full coverage videography services for talks, opening/closing ceremonies, demos, general event coverage, and recap content, as well as full pre and post production services.
A/V Production General live presentation production, from live video mixing and providing adapters to production graphics and presentation management services.
Audio Production Mixing and mastering audio, providing microphones, speakers and other related sound equipment.
Lighting Providing lighting design and rigging services, from small mood lighting deployments to full timecoded extravaganzas.
Special Effects Providing special effects including pyrotechnics, confetti, foam and other bespoke services.
Networking Providing equipment and setup, management, and consulting for event WiFi and wired Ethernet deployments.

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